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"My daughter started seeing Kim back in July 2020 and her growth since then has been amazing! Both my daughter and I have learned skills and strategies to cope with worries and stress in new ways. The activities that Kim does with my daughter not only help her emotional growth and well-being, but it gives her something special to look forward to and treasure forever!" 

"Kim is absolutely amazing with my little play warrior." 

"Not only an innovative educator, Kim's obvious respect and compassion for the whole child facilitate and nurture growth, well being and joy.

Her extensive knowledge and experience allow her to care deeply while providing professionalism, expertise, and maybe most importantly, genuinely fun and enriching play!

I, and my children, are better for knowing her." 

"Kim was the owner of my first child’s preschool back in 2010. My son attended her school for three years before moving on to elementary school. She has a gift. Her relaxing, warm and friendly demeanor immediately puts children at ease. This coupled with her specific training as a child life specialist gives your child the best of both worlds. We will always be grateful of the experiences Ashton had with “Miss Kim” who helped him transition from a very shy toddler to a confident leader through her classroom." 

"Kim is warm, kind, and has an endless smile. She approaches all situations with love and respect. She expertly holds space for children and the entire family unit. Her calm demeanor and presence is deeply therapeutic." 

"My son has just started at Play Warriors but I can already tell how positive it will be for him. He loves going to see Ms. Kimberly and is always excited to attend play groups. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I’m excited to watch him grow with the support of Play Warriors!"

"We have had a wonderful experience with play warriors. My child feels safe and comfortable in the space and get excited to attend. He has learned wonderful skills to help him through his emotions and work through problems. We are so thankful a place like this exists! I've seen meaningful change in my child. Situations which would have sent him into a tailspin are now dealt with and overcome, and I truly see him approaching obstacles in a more constructive way."

"My daughter has been seeing Miss Kim for several months now. Having a safe, neutral space with supportive guidance has made such a positive impact on my daughter's life. Going through these stressful times, it has made all the difference that she has this added support system. It gives us some good topics of reflective conversation to bond over as well as helps her to navigate her emotions through this chapter in our lives. So happy to have someone like Kim in our lives."

"My son was instantly drawn to Kim! She is warm and inviting and caring. He very much looks forward to his visits with her. They work on some really wonderful coping mechanisms and different emotional support projects and I really love seeing the confidence he gains through this."

"My daughter started attending play warriors last spring and it has been a very positive experience for her. Before she started seeing Kim, my daughter was struggling to express her anger and frustration without being physical and hurting others. Within the few first sessions my daughter was expressing herself in a positive manner and encouraging me to use “I feel” statements. She loves teaching others about the tools she develops at play warriors. My daughter has grown so much during her time with Kim. Kim is a very genuine person who truly cares for all her play warriors. I’ve witnessed her go above and beyond to help kids succeed."


"My daughter loves her time at Play Warriors, it is by far her favorite place to be and Kim is her favorite person. If you’re seeking help for your child I can’t recommend Play Warriors enough.

My family & I met Kim in 2018. She is out walking angel on earth. When my husband passed away and my children were left devastated, I didn’t know how I was going to have the energy to heal myself AND my children. Kim gave not only my children their smiles & joy for life back but also gave me MORE than one could EVER ask from someone…She gave me faith, belief & hope. Today my son, Kirby, is the first Play Warrior graduate and now volunteers during play groups. My daughter, Payton, attends 1:1 sessions and groups with Kim and looks forward to them EVERY weekend. Kim is a beyond amazing, wholehearted, kind, individual, she is our Play Warriors Hero!!"

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