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Play Warriors helps kids through life's obstacles
By: Wayne Rivet, The Bridgton News

When a child experiences illness, trauma, loss or difficult situations, he or she might need someone they feel comfortable with or has a way to help ease a tense or emotional situation. As a Child Life specialist, Kimberly Leighton helps youngsters “play through life’s obstacles.”

Writing, A way to cope - Healthy outlet to grieve a deep loss
By: Wayne Rivet, The Bridgton News

Payton Baumgardner misses her dad. “Dada went to his favorite place in the sky and became a star. He is the star right next to the moon,” Payton wrote in her book, Bye Bye Dada. “I try to see him every night. Sometimes, there are no stars and I feel sad.”

b book.jpg
Braden's Life
By Braden Hutchinson

Dialogue Compiled by Kimberly Leighton, MS, CCLS

Braden is 6 years old. He was diagnosed with B-CellALL in 2019, at the young age of two. Braden has battled and beat cancer in his short time on this earth. He is a walking example of courage, bravery, and a heart of gold. With the heart of the warrior, he truly is, he continues to overcome the longlasting effects of his treatment. This book was organized and scribed by Kimberly Leighton, MS, CCLS at Play Warriors, Inc. in Bridgton, Maine.

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Bye Bye Dada
By Payton Baumgardner

Dialogue Compiled by Kimberly Leighton, MS, CCLS

Payton Baumgardner is a five-year-old wild child. She is kindhearted, imaginative, and free willed. She lives in Harrison, Maine with her brother, Kirby (another Books That Heal Author), and her mom, Alexa. Her passions are playing with her friends, taking care of animals, and making everyone around her smile. Payton wrote this book to share her experience about the loss of her father in hopes she can help other kiddos that may have gone through the same situation.

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The Magic Balloon
By Kirby Vaughn
Dialogue Compiled by Kimberly Leighton, MS, CCLS

A heart-warming and honest book about the love between a step-father and his son, Kirby. Kirby recounts his experiences before and after the loss of his step-father. A wonderful book to inspire children to share their feelings about the loss of someone special in their life.Kirby was born November 13, 2008 in Bridgton, Maine. He currently lives in Harrison, Maine with his mom and sister and two mini dachshunds, Qubert and Pikachu. Kirby is a natural athlete and plays football, basketball, and baseball for the local rec program. He is also the best big brother ever.

Coming soon!

Pompe Warrior 
By McKenzie Barker

Dialogue Compiled by Kimberly Leighton, MS, CCLS
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